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I am not a professional photographer, yet. I love to practice, practice, and practice. People are my favorite subject. Like a snow flake each person is different in ethnicity (nationality and skin color), hair color (nature or dyed) or shape, height, and face shape. Yeah I know we all have a evil twin out there and some of you have the nice twin. You know who you are, just playing.

I started getting into Anime from Anime Movies. My first movie was 'Ghost in the Shell'. I am not into SCIFI but as a Linux computer nerd I loved it. After seeing 'Princess Mononoke' and then 'Appleseed' I was now hooked on Anime Movies. Other favorite movies include 'Howls Moving Castle', 'Spirited Away', 'Akira', and 'Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade'. I then started Group MySpace AMovies (Anime Movies - groups.myspace.com/amovies) to try and learn more kewl Anime Movies.

I went to my first Anime Con near my home. I found Anime AX Expo which is Anaheim based ( Douglass RD, Anaheim, CA 92806). I started taking photos at AnimeAX 2006 in Anaheim at Anaheim Convention. I decided they are yours photos. So I posted them on the internet since I had no e-mail to send the photos to you all. This is how MyCosPlay Photos came about. MyCosPlay Photos is the first site to find all the CosPlay Photos from different CONS like FAnimephotos.com, Anime-Expo-Photos.org, AnimeLAPhotos.com, PacificMediaExpoPhotos.com, and Mikomi Con Photos (no long an event. If you want to find Anime Cons in California go to AnimeConsCalifornia.com and you will see a list of events to all California Anime Conventions. My first out of state Anime Con will be in Honolulu Hawaii. KawaiiKon 2009. Since this was written I have now add Kawaii-Kon Photos at kawaiikonphotos.com/

Since there are more Anime Series than Anime Movies I watch them too. Here are some Ghost in the Shell, Yojimbo, Hell Girl, Chobit, Ghost Hunter, Case Close, Fruit Basket, Mermaid Forest, Haruhi, Inuyasha, FullMetal Alchemist, Naruto, High School Rumble, Please Teacher, Please Twins, Bleach and many more.

Now that I am into Anime I must go where the fans go. This is how I came about going to so many Anime Cons. I am not a die hard because I still do not know a lot of COSPLAY outfits. I try to get to all the southern California conventions. Some of the smaller one maybe missed due to family events or other expos. AnimeAX, PMX, and ALA are my favorite. I added two more Cons to my list of must see this year, KawaiiKon and FAnime. I want to go to Autumn Dream (Ani-Magic) and SacAnime. Who knows Anime Las Vegas might be a nice trip.

Updates: August 24, 2009. I have added FAnime Con to my favorite must go Anime Cons. One new thing I add this year is SoCal (southern California) CosPlay Picnic. I can not believe I missed SoCal CosPlay Irvine Picnic all these years. I like the picnic hosted by Anime LA (ALA). Of course you now can see the SoCal CosPlay Picnic Photos at Picnics.Anime-Photos.com.

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